Hon. Roger B. Tilles

2019 Honoree
John Farrell
President, PHP

John is approaching 30 years in the appellate services industry and has been President of PHP since July, 2002. Under John’s leadership, PHP has grown from a 12 employee company in 2002 to over 75+ employees today. PHP’s growth in the appellate services industry is, in large part, as a result of John’s having been able to initiate, negotiate and close deals with four established competitors in the appellate printing industry. Moreover, he has masterfully been able to not only retain but to grow the respective customer bases of each of those four companies. The first of these transactions was the 2006 merger with Virgil Mountain Appellate Printers. This was followed in 2010 by the merger with St. Louis West Appellate Printers. In 2015, John spearheaded PHP’s third transaction with Echo Appellate Press, a 40 year mainstay in the industry, headquartered in Long Beach and owned by Stu Davis, a long time committee member of WE CARE. Most recently, John negotiated his fourth such partnership in June 2018 with Press of Fremont Payne, owned by Charles J. Esposito, Esq. Press of Fremont Payne was the longest standing appellate services provider in the industry, having been in operation for more than 125 years. The fact that John has been able to maintain longstanding close friendships with all four businessmen is a testament to John’s character and ability to build relationships that go much deeper than a simple business transaction

Apart from his support of the WE CARE Fund, John is a strong supporter of many organizations and charities, including the Nassau and Suffolk County Bar Associations and Women’s Bar Associations, New York State Bar Association, Columbia Lawyers Association, St. Jude’s Children Research, Harboring Hearts, Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation, Steven Perez Foundation, Operation Homefront, Sayville Cares for Heroes, Chai Lifeline, The Episcopal Church of St. Margaret’s and Our Lady of Mercy Church.

John’s lifelong passion is his quest to continually develop strong leaders and managers. Throughout his career in business, John has continually strengthened the core of his business by sending his employees to management summits and workshops around the country. From Dale Carnegie training for Human Relations development to the EntreLeadership Summit for business leaders, he continues to grow his team members and reinforce his own leadership and management skills by attending these Summits annually. The growth and development of people, both in his business and personal life, is John’s highest calling.

John is committed to expanding PHP’s reach in the legal market through further acquisitions inside and outside of the appellate industry, and continues to work closely with PHP’s ediscovery affiliate vdiscovery. He approaches each endeavor with his tireless drive, ever-expansive vision and warm sense of humor.

John earned his B.S. in Business Management from the New York Institute of Technology-Old Westbury. He lives in Plainview, N.Y. with Elly, his wife of 35 years. His children, Tara and Tom, have gifted him and Elly with seven beautiful grandchildren.